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Accelerate your D2C
ecommerce transformation


Sell everywhere. Fulfill from anywhere. Control your brand online.

To survive and thrive, brands need to own their digital future. That means weaving together a complex network of sales channels, inventory options, suppliers and partners to support brand growth and protect brand equity. Etail can help.

Etail integrates your ecommerce operations into a connected network and technology stack that you own, control and manage from a single, centralized platform. Then Etail provides powerful ecommerce management tools, designed to drive the highest profit possible from the inventory you have to available sell to customer who are shopping for your products right now. That’s because only Etail integrates sales channel listing content, pricing and promotions to inventory availability and cost.

The result? Higher sales. Improved margins. The best possible customer experience. And more options with less risk as you drive your brand’s digital transformation forward.


Look what your brand can do with Etail as your digital commerce integration platform

Create an exceptional
customer experience

Your ecommerce customers have high expectations. Meet and exceed them with Etail.

Sell everywhere your customers shop. Etail makes it easy to add and coordinate new marketplaces, retail sites and your own branded website powered by Shopify, Magento or other shopping carts.

Know how much inventory you have across all sources of inventory. Automatically update for-sale inventory across all channels. Complete inventory visibility prevents out of stocks, disappointing customers and potential marketplace penalties.

Support 1- & 2-day shipping. Customers expect fast, low-or-no cost delivery. Participate in marketplace accelerated shipping programs while protecting your margins.

Put your entire product line online. Customers want access to all your products, sizes, colors and options. Offer retail drop shipping and online endless aisle experiences with Etail’s advanced drop ship automation tools.

Boost sales and
improve profitability

Etail is designed to boost inventory yield management, producing the highest return possible from the inventory you have available to sell with customers online shopping for your products right now.

Quickly add new sales channels, 1P retail accounts or trading partners.

Create a world-class D2C fulfillment capability by integrating your facilities, multiple 3PLs, distributors and other fulfillment options then operating them as a single, integrated network.

Distribute inventory at multiple locations to be closer to your customers. Manage it with powerful distributed logistics and distributed order management (DOM) tools. Distributed logistics cuts shipping time and costs, reduces returns, and boosts margins.

Tie listing visibility, content and pricing to inventory availability and cost of fulfillment. Never take an order you can’t successfully – and profitably – fulfill.

Automate publishing, pricing and order routing to ensure the highest margin possible for every product, on every order.

Easily offer kits, bundles and multi-packs to leverage the inventory you already own into new SKUs, listings and merchandising opportunities.

Price and reprice based on regional inventory availability and cost of fulfillment. Price based on channel-specific strategies, not mindless algorithms.

Improve forecasting and demand planning. Automate replenishment. Reduce your investment in inventory. Have the right inventory in the right location at the right time.

Make decisions based on data you can trust

Great products and outstanding marketing aren’t enough to succeed in ecommerce. You also need great operations to ensure your team is delivering on your brand promise and on their commitments to your organization. And great operations run on data.

Etail’s industry-leading level of integration and automation ensures absolute data integrity.

Get accurate, real time reports of sales, inventory and fulfillment across all channels and trading partners. Use our built-in dashboards or create your own with drag-and-drop ease.

Export your data to Tableau or other analytics platforms or to your system of record for additional analysis.

Make data-driven decisions and align your organization around data-driven KPIs.

Create options, mitigate risks

Digital commerce is evolving in unpredictable ways. Never let your ecommerce strategy be limited by your operational capabilities. Keep your options open with Etail.

Grow your ecommerce ecosystem. Etail integrates your sales demand and inventory supply ecosystem into a single, connected network that you manage centrally from one platform. Easily add new channels, new partners, new fulfillment options as your ecommerce ecosystem grows and evolves.

Control your technology stack. New partners are simply connected to Etail, so you control your fulfillment technology stack. No need for one-off, partner-specific integrations. Should circumstances change and you need to add or replace partners, it’s a simple matter of adding them to Etail.

Don’t be limited by your organization’s capabilities, project queue or skill sets. Etail is designed to be implemented with minimal IT involvement. And our Professional Services group can step up to cover gaps in personnel or expertise as you build your team or face short-term team management challenges.

Scale without limits. Rest easy knowing Etail can handle unexpected volume demands due to seasonality, promotions, external events or marketplace changes.

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