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Baan ERP is a legacy system still in use by many large brands. Etail integrates with Baan, allowing brands to avoid the cost and disruption of upgrading to a different ERP system of record while expanding their DTC ecommerce capabilities. 

BAAN ERP, developed by the Baan Corporation founded by Jan Baan in 1978, is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software known for its robust capabilities in manufacturing, finance, and supply chain management. The system gained prominence in the 1990s for its advanced 4GL language and dynamic enterprise modeler (DEM), becoming a strong competitor to SAP. BAAN ERP is designed to streamline business operations across various industries with modules tailored for different functionalities, offering flexibility and scalability. Despite financial struggles and changes in ownership, the software has evolved and is now part of Infor LN, continuing to serve global businesses with its advanced planning, scheduling, and integration capabilities.

Etail Solutions empowers businesses to overcome the limitations of outdated ERP systems and embrace modern e-commerce capabilities. Our platform not only stabilizes current operations but also prepares you for future ERP upgrades, ensuring your business remains competitive and agile. Benefit from enhanced customer service with better-informed responses and maximize profitability through advanced order management and distributed fulfillment. Transform your BAAN ERP into a modern e-commerce powerhouse and drive growth with Etail Solutions.

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Your own integrated D2C network.

Create your own integrated network with our D2C Ops Control Tower. It’s like having a powerful, second layer over your existing systems, connecting every sales channel, fulfillment location and every system of record.

Optimize your entire D2C ops.

Get rid of data silos and manual intervention. Optimize and automate your entire D2C operations to gain more flexibility, control and profit.

Expand or change network partners.

Add or change sales channels, warehouses and fulfillment networks, including 3PLs and 4PLs, with ease.

Minimize IT disruption.

No rip and replace of your current systems. Leverage the investments you’ve made and get to the future faster.

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