Software Overview

A centralized Operations Control Tower to drive your D2C.

Just the way it should be.

The capabilities and features for end-to-end D2C operations.

Order Optimization

Distributed order management optimizes every order, every time. The Etail D2C Operations Control Tower analyzes every possible fulfillment option before routing the order to the lowest cost fulfillment option that meets your customer’s delivery requirements.

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“Would I recommend Etail to others? Not to my competitors! But I’d strongly recommend it for everyone else.”

–Cade Beck, Vice President, Snow Big Deal

Network Inventory Optimization

Get full inventory visibility, no matter where it’s located or how it’s packaged. The Etail D2C Operations Control Tower gives  you the power to quickly fill inventory gaps, add new inventory locations or fulfillment options, forecast demand, and improve your inventory yield.

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“I think Etail is a phenomenal product that keeps getting better. It’s easy to use and to understand. My learning curve was very short.”

–Jerry Kavesh, CEO, Western Outlets

Sales Channel Optimization

Sell everywhere customers shop. The D2C Ops Control Tower’s ready-made integrations means you can quickly add D2C sales channels and optimize your existing ones. Automatically publish listing updates to every sales channel in the format they require, and create location-specific pricing or delivery promotions based on regional inventory.

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“Etail has been a great partner. They are flexible enough to meet the needs and changes of a rapidly growing company while delivering first class functionality.”

–John Holby, CEO,

Shipping Optimization

Get the power to deliver fast and profitably. Our D2C Ops Control Tower evaluates every order to determine the best way to package that order and the best shipping option available from your network of fulfillment locations. And when it comes to adding new ones, our powerful integration capabilites and pre-built connections make it fast and easy.

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"Etail has been an outstanding integration partner in helping Spinrite grow its eCommerce business quickly. They are extremely professional, responsive and efficient in designing solution architectures for complex DSV launches and implementing those solutions."

–Cindy Killian, eCommerce Operations Manager, Spinrite Yarns

Centralized Data Repository

Drive your operations from a single source of truth. Our D2C Ops Control Tower is built on a centralized data repository to aggregate and normalize data from your entire D2C sales, order and fulfillment ecosystems, including your external partners. Powerful dashboards and advanced analytics tools give you real-time cross-enterprise visibility to your D2C operations.

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“Without Etail Solutions powering our data management, we would not be the best-of-breed supplier of on-demand warehousing technology.”

–Darrell Jervey, CEO, Warehowz

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