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Missing opportunities by not having a D2C ecommerce solution?

A partnership with Etail could be the answer.

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Are you searching for a solution to offer your customers D2C ecommerce sales channels and fulfillment?
Or are you just looking for a trusted partner to recommend to your clients for D2C ecommerce management?
Either way, we'd love to partner with you. Read on to learn more.

Join Our Integration Ecosystem of Partners

Solution Provider & Technology Partners

Are you missing opportunities to support current or prospective customers because you don't have a D2C ecommerce solution?
Do you have lots of customers who you'd like to streamline ecommerce integration processes for?
You don't have to be the experts, just partner with us and we'll do the heavy lifting for you.
As a solution provider partner of Etail, you can be empowered to implement, support or resell our platform to your own customers.
Not looking to implement, but need a platform for your customers?
As a technology partner, we'll partner with you to create a specialized solution to support your customer base.
Let our team do the work behind the scenes that makes our platform do all its amazing powerful things and you can easily turn it on for your customers.

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Etail has been an outstanding integration partner in helping Spinrite grow its eCommerce business quickly. They are extremely professional, responsive and efficient in designing solution architectures for complex DSV launches and implementing those solutions.

–Cindy Killian, eCommerce Operations Manager, Spinrite Yarns

Drive New Opportunities & Rapidly Activate Your Sellers and Customers

By being a Partner of Etail, you have access to activate our D2C Control Tower Platform for your customers. You can quickly connect any of your customers to our platform, or we'll build a specialized solution for your customers. Don't lose any more sales because you don't have access to a D2C ecommerce platform.

Solve Fulfillment Challenges with One Integration Platform

Imagine one ecommerce operations platform that can manage it all. Your customers have multiple sales channels and fulfillment methods, but how are they managing all of those data points? Our platform integrates their entire ecosystem in one place so catalog, inventory, order and fulfillment management is all done in one place. And with our platform, many of our partners and clients have seen a 10X+ increase in their fulfillment volume and 20-40% reduction in shipping fees in the first 12 months!

Increase your Sales and Value to your Customers

Stop losing sales because your customers need a D2C ecommerce solution or advanced supply chain solutions like cartonization or DOM.
As a provider of Etail, you can offer our platform to all of your customers and quickly activate it for them. If you're implementing our platform for your customers, Etail's platform can quickly and dramatically increase the amount of available listings and your overall sales.

Industry & Fulfillment Partners

Are you looking for a trusted partner to recommend D2C ecommerce management solutions to your customers?
Or, are you just looking to enhance your reach and awareness with partners in your tech ecosystem?

Our industry partners are our network of trusted partners serving similar ecosystems and have a mutually beneficial referral relationship.

Our Fulfillment Partners are 3PLs and 4PLs seeking a D2C ecommerce solution partner to support their customers, refer customers to, and drive new customer opportunities.
Whichever one you fit into, we'd love to talk with you about how a referral partnership could be a benefit to both of us.

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I can ask questions about nearly anything and receive an answer from the Etail Solutions team, whom I implicitly trust. Our relationship isn’t transactional. It’s a true partnership.

–Matt Walsh, CEO and co-founder, TrophySmack

Drive New Business Opportunities

As a partner of Etail, you'll be able to offer more to your customers through our platform, or simply by adding a trusted partner referral source to your network. We'll also work with you to explore opportunities for joint marketing efforts to increase your visibility and awareness.

Increase Your Sales and Leads

You can offer our platform to all of your customers, offering more value to current and new customers. Extend the life and reach of your currently supported applications by quickly connecting any of your customers to our platform. And as a partner of Etail, we're committed to referring leads to u from our network or customer base who are a fit for you and we agree this goes both ways, as does a true partnership.

Grow Topline Revenue

We know money talks. And it keeps our businesses running.
We’ve built specialized solutions for our partners that have helped their customers achieve 50%-400% topline growth!
And we know a partnership needs to benefit both parties. That's why we'll explore a revenue-sharing model for new customers we refer to each other, sweetening the pot. We'll work with you to determine what makes sense for both of us.

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