Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime is Back - What you need to know

Quick Overview of Amazon's New Seller Fulfilled Prime and Multi-location Inventory Programs

Amazon has recently announced the return of Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Here's what you need to know.

Changes to Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime Program

Full specs for the updated program can be found here.

On Time Shipment Rate

- Was at least 99%

- Now is no longer applicable

Buy Shipping from Amazon

- Was at least 99% of orders

- Now is no longer required

Cancellation Rate

- Was no more than 0.5%

- Now is still the same of no more than 0.5%

On-time delivery rate

- Was at least 97%

- Now is 93.5%

Valid Tracking Rate

- Now is 99%

Delivery Coverage

- Was Nationwide delivery coverage for all standard-size products on Prime-enabled shipping templates.

- Now is all offers from a Prime shipping template, including all size tiers, must provide nationwide delivery to the contiguous US within one to five days.

Weekend operation six days a week, including either Saturday or Sunday operation.

- This is not changing

Weekend delivery for standard-size Prime products six days a week, including either Saturday or Sunday delivery.

- This is not changing

Trial Period

To be considered for Seller Fulfilled Prime you will need to pass a 30-day trial period that can begin on or after October 1, 2023.

During the trial period, customer-facing Prime branding will not be displayed on your offers.

You will be required to ship at least 100 Prime packages while meeting or exceeding all program requirements. If successful, you'll be enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime, and Prime branding will be displayed on your offers that are associated with a Prime shipping template.

Trial Requirements:  

To start the trial, you must meet all of the following pre-qualification criteria:

- Have a domestic US address as your default shipping address

- Have a Professional selling account

- Meet the following criteria over the past 90 days:

--- Self-fulfilled at least 100 packages

--- Cancellation rate less than 2.5%

--- Valid tracking rate greater than 95%

--- Late shipment rate less than 4%

Overview of Amazon's three programs:

1. Multi-location Inventory:

One listing  

One price nationwide

Dynamically publishing inventory latency.

2. Local Delivery would be a compromise:

You can define a partial geography.

You can offer it at a different price locally than you sell it for nationally.

If you can’t do nationwide, do local delivery, does require 2 listings, 1 for nationwide, 1 for local delivery.

3. Seller Fulfilled Prime

Nationwide Requirement

Best fit for sellers with multiple fulfillment locations.

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