Bradley Caldwell

and Etail Solutions

BCI are experts in distribution. They believe in treating our employees, vendor partners and customers like family and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

BCI deliveries are made with our own fleet of lift gate enabled, trucks. FedEx, UPS and common carrier services are available for shipping to anywhere in the United States. The BCI Fleet extends to Maine, Southern Virginia, and Michigan.

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Your own integrated D2C network.

Create your own integrated network with our D2C Ops Control Tower. It’s like having a powerful, second layer over your existing systems, connecting every sales channel, fulfillment location and every system of record.

Optimize your entire D2C ops.

Get rid of data silos and manual intervention. Optimize and automate your entire D2C operations to gain more flexibility, control and profit.

Expand or change network partners.

Add or change sales channels, warehouses and fulfillment networks, including 3PLs and 4PLs, with ease.

Minimize IT disruption.

No rip and replace of your current systems. Leverage the investments you’ve made and get to the future faster.

Discover how Etail Solutions can help you scale and grow your ecommerce. Find out if our platform is right for you.

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