Synthesizing Viewpoints to Enable True Digital Commerce Success

Over the last few years many firms have been ever so slowly struggling to define visions of what digital transformation looked like for their company, and how they might be able to successfully begin to implement this vision.

For many this has been a leisurely Special Project process of future focused navel gazing while sipping large lattes and eating freakishly fat lemon cranberry muffins!

Sadly, in many cases these approaches have delivered little, and sometimes at great expense.

However, following the WHO pandemic announcement on March 11th, the need to pivot quickly to a digital world in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic became shockingly real, and immediate action was now required, in some cases for sheer survival of the organization.

Urgency is a great catalyst for change and success in such circumstances, which comes from getting only the key people involved, then working together to make some rapid, tough, bold and gutsy decisions and then moving to make the needed change happen in an accelerated manner.

For Brands and Retailers, although the titles may vary, there’s three key senior players required for this process to be effective:

1. The CEO / CRO / CCO / CDO / CSO / SVP Ecommerce /Digital (Key Business Leader for: Growth, Revenue & Profitability) Focus on overall business growth, sales revenue and profitability.

2. The CIO / CTO / SVP IT (Key Business Leader for: Technology & Systems) Focus on stitching together disparate internal and external systems to meet business needs

3. The CSCO / CLO / COO / SVP Supply Chain/Logistics (Key Business Leader for: Supply Chain, Logistics & Operations) Focus on stitching together all integrated Inventory & Logistics activities, processes & sources.

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Although all three of these leaders have different priorities and focuses for Digital Transformation, it’s only through working together that full scale Digital Commerce with Distributed Logistics can be implemented and the VERY significant benefits realized.

Along with these three roles are relatively distinct focuses each leader has on portions of Digital Integration Requirements which ultimately need to be synthesized into a common view across all needs.

The below graphic shows these three integration focus areas across the three roles highlighting the overall combined requirement to achieve an effective and sustainable solution delivering End to End Digital Commerce Enablement across the business.

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Only once these three leaders acknowledge their focus above AND then together embrace the need to fully integrate and synthesize all of these views into a unified end to end commerce enabled platform can real progress be made.

So what might this look like? The below represents the type of channel centric integration architecture which once established will deliver on all of these shared needs.

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Are you ready to come together with your counterparts and other leaders to make these changes?

Reach out and book some time with an Account Achievement Visionary willing to educate and inform on options which can rapidly help make the above changes happen!

Happy to share greater details and facilitate the needed discussions which can then rapidly become actions that make these shared visions of Digital Commerce a reality!

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Jeff has over 30 years of large scale, complex, consultative and direct logistics and supply chain systems experience from warehouse floor to boardrooms of major retail, brand, third party logistics, consulting and IT organizations. Solid base of capabilities and practical approach to helping people and organizations develop AND implement solutions that work. Passionate about improving digital commerce and the ability of distributed logistics to drive improved supply chain sustainability with LOWER costs AND better customer experience.