Synthesizing Viewpoints to Enable True Digital Commerce Success

Over the last few years many firms have been ever so slowly struggling to define visions of what digital transformation looked like for their company, and how they might be able to successfully begin to implement this vision.

For many this has been a leisurely Special Project process of future focused navel gazing while sipping large lattes and eating freakishly fat lemon cranberry muffins!

Sadly, in many cases these approaches have delivered little, and sometimes at great expense.

However, following the WHO pandemic announcement on March 11th, the need to pivot quickly to a digital world in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic became shockingly real, and immediate action was now required, in some cases for sheer survival of the organization.

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Jeff Ashcroft, Account Achievement Visionary at Etail Solutions, has over 30 years of logistics and supply chain experience. In addition to holding senior level positions at Hudson’s Bay Company, Tibbett & Britten Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Tompkins International, and others, since 2016 Jeff has been selected as an IBM global commerce futurist and influencer. Ashcroft also publishes the Supply Chain Network blog and @SupplyChainNtwk twitter feed – which regularly appear on top supply chain blog lists and are considered among the most connected organizations in supply chain management.