Shipping Drives Customer Satisfaction

Research shows: Your customers care about shipping

Many ecommerce brands consider shipping to just be an expense: it costs too much, is growing too fast, and is only a drain on margins.

But that narrow viewpoint of ecommerce shipping may be mistaken.  Shipping is more than just an expense. It’s an important driver of ecommerce sales and customer satisfaction.

Shipping matters to your customers.

So customers care about shipping.  And they also hold high expectations regarding the cost and timeliness of shipping their purchases.

Not only are consumer expectations high regarding shipping speed and cost, the downside of getting it wrong is huge.

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Why is shipping so important for ecommerce?

Because beyond cost and speed of delivery,  customers don’t actually care about shipping. They care about the results of a bad shipping experience. You can provide the greatest shopping experience, the best prices, and outstanding customer service, but it's your shipping experience that ultimately allows your customers to touch your products.

According to SupplyChainDive, the fulfillment experience is the largest driver of repeat business for almost any retailer.  That makes sense. Unless customers return the product, the last experience they have in the process of buying your brand is when it arrives at their door and they open it. Fail them then, and they probably won’t buy from you again. Or, even worse, they don’t buy from you again and go on social media to tell the world why.

If that isn’t enough incentive, consider this: chances are your competitors are committed to improving their shipping speed and delivery experience. According to a survey of retail supply chain leaders conducted by McKinsey, 75 percent have made two-day shipping a priority and 42 percent aim to offer same day shipping in the next year.

Shipping, once the forgotten abode of cardboard boxes, packaging tape and postage meters, has become central to ecommerce success.

Etail customers have saved an average of 21% on shipping costs using the platform. Plus they get complete visibility, control and reporting sales channels, orders, inventory, fulfillment options and – yes – shipping.  Interested? Reach out and we’d be glad to help. No charge. No BS. Just honest thoughts on how we can help you scale your ecommerce business and make it more profitable.

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