Order Optimization

Every D2C order routed to its best fulfillment option.

Just the way it should be.

Automated distributed order management using your rules, your systems, your network partners.

DOM done right.

Milliseconds after an order arrives, the Etail D2C Operations Control Tower analyzes every possible fulfillment option before routing the order to the lowest cost fulfillment location that meets your customer’s delivery requirements.

That’s distributed order management (DOM) done right.

Make the highest margin possible on EVERY order.

Every fulfillment cost is evaluated at every stocking location – including integrating with shipping carriers to get real-time rates, even negotiated shipping rates by location, giving you the highest possible margin on every order.

Get a super fast payback.

Get a fast ROI, in weeks, not years, because Etail integrates with the WMS, OMS, IMS and other systems you already have in place at each stocking location. No expensive, risky and lengthy rip and replace.

Maximize your inventory yield.

Maximize your inventory yield, wherever it may be. Our powerful D2C DOM capability allows you to create business rules to automatically maximize inventory yield and ROI with the inventory you have on hand right now.

Real time inventory visibility.

Full visibility to your inventory and total cost of fulfillment by stocking location. Wherever it may be: your warehouses and DCs, 3PLs, FBA, in channel, at retail outlets and more.

Automated order routing.

Immediate order routing to the best possible solution – even splitting, combining and recartonizing orders as needed to get the lowest total shipping cost.

Verifiable optimization.

A complete audit trail so you can trace why a decision was made and continue optimizing your fulfillment strategy.

More of what the Etail D2C Operations Control Tower can do to enhance your distributed order management capability:

Select your own optimization rules.

Automatically select the best fulfillment option for every item on every order based on lowest delivered cost, location or other order attributes as desired.

See every order in one place.

Manage orders from all your sales channels regardless of source format (API, EDI, or flat files) and view them from a single, centralized system.

Automate order-related communications.

Automate shipping updates to your system of record to streamline order-related communications.

Conduct more robust order lifecycle management.

View and manage detailed order status and fulfillment information across all fulfillment locations.

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