New Inventory and FBA Replenishment Tool Gives Sellers Unprecedented Visibility and Control

inventory replenishment

Not carrying enough high-demand stock costs you sales. Carrying too much low-demand stock ties up capital. Etail Solutions’ newly released inventory and FBA replenishment feature solves this problem once and for all by calculating what, when, and how much to order – so you always have what your customers want and not what they don’t.

Replenishment adds Min/Max and Dynamic Planning capabilities to our industry-leading Multi-Channel Management Platform – the Etail Vantage Platform (EVP). EVP takes sales history across all sales channels along with demand profile data to generate a projected demand for a particular product. EVP then takes into consideration existing purchase orders and current warehouse inventory to estimate a date and quantity for reorder so you can avoid experiencing a loss in sales resulting from stock outs.

Supercharge Growth By Keeping Your Best-Selling Items in Stock

  • Analyze the sales velocity of products across all sales channels
  • Prioritize purchasing decisions based on profitability and demand
  • Identify and liquidate slow moving inventory to invest in your best-selling items
  • Implement purchase plans designed to optimize inventory and maximize Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI)

A Smarter Way to Replenish Inventory

1. Analyze sales velocity of products across all sales channels


  • View top sales items on each channel
  • Compare sales between channels
  • Identify items to include in planning
  • Identify items to exclude in planning
  • Select top sales items for dynamic planning
  • Download sales history daily

2. View intelligent purchase planning recommendations based on sales history, seasonality, and planning profiles


  • View items by projected stock-out date to avoid lost sales due to selling out
  • Displays latest reorder date to avoid a stock out based on supplier lead times
  • Purchase recommendations adjust automatically based on a combination of actual sales and configurable demand profiles allowing the user to plan purchases taking seasonality and growth calculations into consideration
  • Sales forecast and stock level burndown chart visualizes future stock levels for planning purposes

3. Generate purchase orders and see estimated profit directly from a streamlined purchase planning dashboard


  • Identify, select, and add items to POs
  • Filter listings by stock-out dates
  • Add bulk or single items to PO with one click
  • Review, edit, and submit POs from the purchase planning screen
  • Modify final purchase numbers based on strategic planning goals

Replenishment represents product capabilities that do not exist in most other Multi-Channel Management Platforms. It helps eliminate stock-outs because it provides a forward looking view that suggests ahead of time when you need to re-order certain products. Plus, it creates an increased revenue opportunity by allowing you to manage a larger catalog of items without increasing your office structure.

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