How to Add Tens of Thousands New Amazon Listings in Weeks, Not Months or Years

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If it isn’t getting seen, it isn’t getting sold. Experienced Amazon sellers know this hard truth: to get more sales, more buyers need to see your product in more listings. And creating those listings can be an expensive, time consuming and error-prone process.

“We had two-or-three fulltime people trying to match ASINs manually,” said one Amazon top 500 seller. “When we brought in a new supplier that often meant 30-40,000 matches done by hand. It would take months.”

Then they turned to Etail and Dynamic Auto Matching.

Dynamic Auto Matching automatically matches a supplier catalog to Amazon listings across categories using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs and manufacturer part numbers. The result is tens of thousands of new listings created in days, not weeks or months. Data-driven filters help ensure the quality of the listings and listings can be flagged for multiple levels of verification and review.

“Today, using Etail, we match in almost no time without any additional labor cost,” the top Amazon seller
revealed. “As we add suppliers or new products, we don’t have to add staff. Plus there are a lot fewer mistakes.”

Eliminating listing errors is critical to protecting your Amazon business, the seller noted. Listing errors lead
to buyers returning product, filing complaints, and providing low seller rankings. Eventually, they can lead to account suspension.

Savvy sellers combine Dynamic Auto Matching with Etail’s exclusive Dynamic Repricing tool. This highly scalable tool, capable of executing millions of repricing decisions an hour, uses data-driven algorithms to reprice by listing, by competitor, by category and even by fulfillment method.

Since each new listing may have a different set of competitors, different Amazon commission levels or other
considerations, Dynamic Repricing makes each listing as competitive as possible while still protecting margins.

“This can be a pretty simple business,” the top seller said. “Find good suppliers, get their stuff online, use
ASIN matching to find as many listings as possible, then reprice to stay competitive. Etail saves us a
lot of time doing all that.”