Home Improvement Retailer Goes From 10×10 Garage to 30,000 Square Foot Warehouse

Home improvement retailer goes from 10x10 garage to 30,000 square foot warehouse

He knew how to sell – he’d spent more than 40 years in retail. He knew opportunity when he saw it – it was 2012 and Amazon was continuing its explosive growth and people already were starting to prefer buying even everyday items like tools, hardware, and home improvement products online.

He knew he needed a software development partner – the ecommerce software available in 2012 wasn’t remotely robust enough to execute his vision of bringing an endless aisle of home improvement products to the web.

He chose Etail Solutions – and he never looked back.

Since starting the business in a 10×10 garage, he’s grown to a modern, 30,000 foot distribution center and being in the top four percent of Amazon sellers.

“There is no way we could have done this without our partnership with Etail,” the merchant said. “We talked to several vendors and they all said they would be able to do what we wanted to do. But only Etail had the experienced people who had actually done what we were planning to do and we knew we would need that experience to guide us through the process of building this business.”

It’s an approach Etail knows well.

“This is a great example of how we work with our customers,” said Michael Anderson, CEO of Etail Solutions. “We are not interested in just doing projects, we are dedicated to working like partners with customers to the point where they regard us as an integral part of their business.”

Etail’s experience and approach to partnership goes beyond software development and integration, the merchant added.

 “The benefits of working with Etail are far reaching,” he said. “They have a very good background in all aspects of the business and all facets of selling online. They also understand the physical side of the
business and how warehouses function so they can help make that part of the business more effective too.”

His advice to someone looking for an ecommerce business partner – not just a platform?

Go with Etail.

“This partnership goes much deeper than just a software vendor,” he said. “We make no big decisions on software, on people, on product, on our warehouse operations, without consulting the people at Etail
Solutions. I have a lot of respect for their knowledge and we’ve been fortunate to be able to tap into it.”