Etail Solutions Releases Competitive Repricing for Walmart’s Online Marketplace

Etail Solutions Releases Its Integrated Dynamic Repricing for Walmart's Online Marketplace

The explosive growth of has created new opportunities for third-party merchants to grow revenue, reduce their reliance on Amazon, and get in on the growth floor of the fastest growing online marketplace. But until now, Walmart sellers have lacked a basic tool that is critical for success: competitive repricing.


Introducing Etail Solutions’s 
Competitive Repricing for Walmart

Top Amazon sellers know competitive repricing is the key to winning the Buy Box and succeeding on Amazon. Only Etail’s repricer can automatically raise or lower prices for hundreds of thousands to millions of SKUs each time your competitors’ prices – or your costs – change.

This is important because your costs vary depending on how you fulfill orders. Only Etail’s repricer can protect your margins and Buy Box ownership rate by factoring in the unique cost of each fulfillment method – drop ship, cross-dock, pick pack ship, FBA, or 3PL – when repricing. 

Now this powerful technology is available for Walmart sellers. One of our beta testers saw their average daily revenue on this channel go from $13,308 to $21,877 in less than 90 days. Their average monthly revenue went from $399,240 to $656,310 – a 64% increase. 


Walmart Competitive Repricing.png

Here’s how it works.

Other repricers allow sellers to set floor and ceiling prices, then reprice within those limits when reacting to competitive price changes. Sellers set their floor price based on their most recent costs such as stock, shipping and packaging.

What’s wrong with this picture? 

Two things:

  • Costs change: Recent costs may not be accurate. Repricing should be based on real-time current costs.
  • Not all costs are captured: Other repricers fail to capture indirect and supplier costs such as the cost of fulfillment, storage fees or currency exchange rates.

Without competitive repricing based on full current costs 
merchants can often win the Buy Box but damage
their margins – or even lose money

Like Etail’s Amazon repricing tool, the competitive repricer for Walmart captures a seller’s total costs and then dynamically adjusts the floor and ceiling price to maintain margins.

After all, the goal isn’t to win the Buy Box; the goal is to profitably win the Buy Box.

Integrated dynamic repricing has several other advantages:

  • Sellers sourcing the same product from multiple suppliers can choose which supplier gets the order based on total costs – including fulfillment costs. Often, a drop-shipping supplier may have a lower list price, but when their fulfillment costs are factored in, they are more expensive than an alternative supplier.
  • Etail’s Walmart repricer allows merchants to set a target price if they are the only seller for an item. Walmart is taking its low price strategy to the Internet and will delist items it considers priced too highly. The target price allows sellers to set a competitive price; then when competition emerges for the item, the integrated repricer kicks in to keep it competitive.
  • Like the Amazon repricer, Etail’s Walmart repricer is a robust, scalable tool capable of support millions of repricing transactions an hour.

As a Walmart premier partner, Etail is committed to working closely with Walmart to provide sellers with powerful automated tools to grow their presence on this emerging marketplace. The Etail Walmart repricing tool helps sellers transition the proven tactics that grew their Amazon and eBay businesses to take advantage of the massive growth of


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