Etail Solutions and Monarch FX to present at Ecommerce Operations Summit

Ecom Ops Summit 2019

Heading to the Ecommerce Operations Summit in Columbus, Ohio on April 9-11?

Join Etail CEO Michael Anderson and David Lengacher, head of data science for MonarchFX, for a joint presentation:


Thursday, April 11

9:00 to 9:50 am

Theater 3

Accelerated guaranteed programs like Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime, eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery and Walmart’s Free 2-Day Shipping are the new normal for marketplace sellers and brands.

To meet tough marketplace delivery requirements, inventory often needs to be distributed to multiple locations to be closer to the customer.

Traditional OMS platforms often struggle to support complex fulfillment processes. Distributed Order Management (DOM) automates choosing the most profitable fulfillment option for every order. Distributed Inventory Flow Forecasting (DIFF) enables accurate forecasting of distributed inventory to optimize fill rates and minimize working capital.

This session will help you navigate the ongoing evolution of order management technology to improve fulfillment performance, create a competitive advantage, and increase margins.

You will learn:
• About the impact of guaranteed delivery programs on consumers and sales
• About the complexity of execution and how technology can help solve these problems at scale
• About the concepts around DOM and DIFF
• How these two technologies combined can lower costs and increase margins

Learn more at the Ecommerce Operations Summit website.