Creating a Single Source of Truth For Your Sales, Inventory and Order Data

In ten years the ecommerce industry will look nothing like it does now. Improved efficiency will soon become a basic competitive requirement. Many merchants know their businesses need to evolve. Your business needs to evolve too.

Eliminating waste isn’t enough. Sustained competitive advantage only comes from bridging the gap between supply and demand with integration. Only then will you have the data integrity, process automation and time that sustainable growth requires. Online sellers who adapt to this new reality first and fastest have the best chance of staying ahead of the pack in today’s constantly changing market.

What It Takes to Win Now and in the Future

You need to identify the root causes of inefficiency in your business operations and take corrective action.
This will allow data to flow bi-directionally through each area of your business. Data integrity will also be
ensured, eliminating human error caused by constantly re-entering data, and by using software applications
that can’t communicate. Your internal processes will be automated, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time. You will be poised for massive growth.

A single integrated platform will satisfy all of your needs: an end-to-end solution with a single interface. All your data will live in one place, eliminating the need to transfer, reconcile, and consolidate data from different sources. You won’t have to perform manual workarounds which are neither sustainable nor scalable in the long run. Instead, you will be working with one unified database – a single source of truth.

Benefits of Having a Single Source of Truth

With a single integrated platform you can:

  • Update available inventory across all channels as you buy and sell
  • Prevent stockouts and overstocks by ordering less inventory, more frequently, and more reliably
  • Streamline the purchasing process by automating data exchanges with suppliers
  • Grow your bottom line by making the best sourcing and shipping decisions possible
  • Manage your product data in one place and publish it to all channels exactly as each channel
  • Protect your gross margins by repricing when your product, shipping, sales costs – and your competitors’ prices – change
  • Free up time by not having to manually set or update your min and max prices

The bottom line?

A single integrated platform will increase your top- and bottom-line revenue potential while reducing operating costs.

So, if you’re tired of: not receiving the features and results your vendor promised you would receive, wasting time on manual processes caused by software errors and functionality gaps, making strategic decision on your own, then get in touch with us today.

Other ecommerce tools often require additional software for repricing or supply chain integration. Only Etail Solutions offers complete end-to-end sales and supply chain management – including repricing – in a single integrated platform.

The Ecommerce Software Partner You Need

Plus, Etail doesn’t stop at the software. We provide strategic advice and a blueprint for growth. We help create Top 100 merchants: first by optimizing and automating your business, then by using our exclusive tools like Dynamic Auto-Matching, Supplier Profitability Analysis, and Integrated Dynamic Repricing to drive massive, profitable growth.

Our clients’ average first year growth rate is 112%. In other words, they more than double their already seven-figure businesses in their first 12 months on the platform.

We’d like the chance to help you do the same.

We purposely work with a small number of clients so you get the one-on-one attention you need. You have a dedicated resource who knows your business, account history and growth goals. Regularly scheduled account reviews and knowledge transfers shorten your learning curve and accelerate your ROI.

We’re passionate about seeing you – our partner in online commerce – become much more than you are
right now. We want to share your vision, enable it, and even expand it. We’ll be there right beside you as
long as you need us.

We bring on only a handful of clients each year because we are a highly responsive partner. Your company may be one of the few that meets our requirements.

Call (855) 840-8400 and speak to Zac or Jeff or Joe.

If you don’t take action to change your current situation things may remain the same for a while, but the competition will only get tougher. You probably don’t even know the names of the competitors who’ll be nipping at your heels tomorrow! Fair warning – those who leverage the most efficient technology won’t
waste much time at your heels. They’ll leave you in the dust and be leading the pack.

Don’t get left behind.