Etail for 3PLs

The path to 4PL omnichannel fulfillment for 3PLs.

Connect to your brand clients. Grow your network of fulfillment partners.

Etail’s 4PL Control Tower creates new opportunities to quickly grow your 3PL ecommerce fulfillment capabilities. It integrates with your branded customer’s ecommerce ecosystem, allowing you to move beyond being a fulfillment node.

With our 4PL Control Tower, you’ll become a true 4PL partner able to route orders, manage inventory, and coordinate activities with the brand, other 3PLs and fulfillment options, and even retail locations.

Deliver 4PL services.

Manage your client’s D2C ecosystem as a single, integrated network, by easily adding 3PL partners and other fulfillment options, sourced by you or from our nationwide network of 3PL partners ready to support your 4PL strategy.

Connect your 3PL to everywhere your clients sell.

Quickly connect your 3PL with everywhere your clients sell and the systems they already have in place. Etail’s 4PL Control Tower gives you the power to become a full omnichannel partner, helping them develop a unified approach to selling and fulfilling orders from multiple sales channels and fulfillment options.

Onboard your clients faster.

The Etail 4PL Control Tower comes with thousands of pre-built integrations, giving you the ability to onboard and ramp-up clients even faster. Without having to absorb or pass on hefty integration or start-up fees.

Boost customer retention.

Deeply integrate your 3PL and 4PL services into your client’s existing supply chain. Become a trusted partner, not a commodity shipper.

Maximize D2C profitability.

Optimize your warehouse, workers and workflows for D2C ecommerce. Ship more orders per day without hiring more staff.

Scale without limits.

There is no limit to the number of locations, channels, partners, products and orders Etail can handle. You and your clients will never outgrow Etail.

Here’s more of what our 4PL Control Tower can do to build your D2C and 4PL capabilities:

Find 4PL Partners.

Join Etail Distribute, a nationwide network of pre-integrated 3PL partners ready to support your 4PL strategy.

Offer value-added services.

Grow revenue by offering clients high value services such as kitting, bundles, multi-packs or co-packing.

Improve customer service.

Provide exceptional customer service and transparency with branded reporting, dashboards and tools.

Increase fulfillment options.

Expand your D2C fulfillment capabilities. Etail supports just-in-time cross docking and drop ship vendor (DSV) programs.

Cut shipping costs.

Etail automatically routes orders to the lowest cost fulfillment option. Powerful cartonization tools optimize picking and packing while reducing shipment costs.

Maximize warehouse space.

Automated demand-driven replenishment tools maintain the optimal inventory at each stocking location. Help clients reduce out of stocks without excessive safety stocks.

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