Distributed Logistics for Digital Commerce, Part I: A Change in Paradigm and Why it Matters

The world is changing in unpredictable ways, and retailers and brands need flexibility and the ability to adapt now more than ever.

In Part 1 of this series, Michael Anderson, CEO and cofounder of Etail Solutions, provides an overview of some of the concepts underlying Distributed Logistics for Digital Commerce and how they can drive topline growth, increase profitability, and create options as conditions change.

The purpose of distributed logistics is simple: it provides you options in an unpredictable market. It provides online sellers with ways to leverage a network of inventory supply across owned distribution centers, external 3PLs, supplier-owned inventory, and retail inventory, all operating as a single seamless network for the purposes of driving sales through digital channels.

This Part 1 is the foundation, future videos will explore how to utilize Distributed Logistics to leverage regionalized inventory, the role of Distributed Order Management (DOM), integrated publishing controls and more.

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