Scaling ecommerce growth and profit beyond your siloed systems

At Etail, we’re the D2C optimization people.

Check out the D2C Leadership Now: Scaling ecommerce and profit beyond your siloed systems. Michael is joined by Dana Smith, executive from Lasko Products.

Etail Solutions accelerate organizations and brands with D2C transformation, helping them evolve from shipping pallets to warehouses to shipping parcels to individual online shoppers. Etail focuses on Order Management and Order Optimization excellence for the D2C world, and bringing disparate systems together to improve organizational ability to run their business.

Using the Etail D2C Operations Control Tower, brands connect everywhere they sell product with all their inventory and sources of fulfillment and their existing systems of record.  The result? Their entire ecommerce ecosystem is integrated, automated, optimized and under control. And all from a single, centralized platform.