How Brands Create Market Advantage with their Ecommerce Site

At Etail, we’re the D2C optimization people. In this D2C LeadershipNow session, you will hear from ecomm expert Darin Lynch. His company, Irish Titan, has built the ecommerce sites for Duracell, Lifetime Fitness, Coolie Bar, Duke Cannon, Trade Home Shoes, Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Wild and other leading brands.

This session features the most common mistakes brands make in considering a new D2C ecommerce site and how to prioritize what's most important.

Etail accelerates how brands handle D2C transformation, how they connect everywhere they sell product with all their inventory and sources of fulfillment and their existing systems of record. The result? Their entire ecommerce ecosystem is integrated, automated, optimized and under control. All from a single, centralized platform.

That’s why our mission is simple: Our mission is to drive the growth and profitability of our customers through the Etail platform.