Distributed Logistics for Digital Commerce, Part IV: Regional Inventory Visibility

Distributed logistics for digital commerce (DL4DC) is about yield management, maximizing the current situation to drive the most sales and profit with what you have at your fingertips.

One of the fastest ways to DL4DC provide tangible results is to gain visibility to where your inventory sits and maximize your regional offerings across major sales channels to provide guaranteed shipping times (think Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, EBay Guaranteed, Walmart 2-day, etc.) to increase conversions. This can only be done profitably by first understanding where that inventory and what it costs to deliver that inventory, which is the topic of this Part 4 of the series.

Next week in Part 5 we will cover how to join your regional inventory visibility to your publishing toolset to increase conversions, maximize sales and drive profits with these guaranteed delivery programs across all your sales channels.

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