Distributed Logistics for Digital Commerce, Part III: Master SKU Management

Your customers expect to see you everywhere that they shop online – and they do shop everywhere: Amazon, walmart.com, Google and a host of other sites.

But each online sales channel has its own specifications for listing products – and sometimes steep penalties for getting it wrong. What’s the best way to deal with these confusing – often changing – requirements?

Enter master SKU management.  

In his latest video, Etail Solutions CEO Michael Anderson discusses how master SKU management simplifies selling across multiple sales channels, improves inventory management and helps smooth sourcing from multiple suppliers.

Distributed logistics is the concept of connecting everywhere you sell with all of your sources of inventory, then managing them all as an integrated network.  

That means everything – every node on the network like sales channels, suppliers and inventory sources – has to be able to communicate with each other. But they each may be running different operations management systems, communicating in different messaging formats, or using different taxonomies even when talking about the same product.

Master SKU management is the foundational concept that allows all of these channels to work together, and the cornerstone for pulling off distributed logistics across your digital channels.

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