What Would A 21% Reduction In Shipping Costs Do For You?

We'll show you how you can discover just how much optimizing your shipping will save you.

Our clients typically save 21% or more on shipping costs.

Your mileage may vary. Here are some saving examples:


Online Retailer with 2MM SKUs available across 75 shipping locations, resulted in a 6.6% increase in gross profit.


Clothing Brand & Distributor with 591k SKUs across 29 shipping locations, resulted in a 10.2% increase in gross profit.


Global Brand with 650 SKUs available across 7 Fulfillment locations, resulted in a 17% increase in gross profit.


Hobbies Manufacturer with 5+ Brands, 29K SKUs available across 7 Fulfillment Locations, resulted in a 14.2% increase in gross profit.

Optimize Every Order.

Our rapid managed implementation process will help you:

Set up your connections

Connect and automate your sales channels/order feeds. All connection methods available (API/EDI/Flat-file).

Configure your Fulfillment Locations

Set up each fulfillment location, including carrier/services, and your inventory availability feeds, and desired optimized order output preferences (direct connection to fulfillment channels available).

Configure Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Optimize for Profit, Delivery Timeframe, or other prioritization rules. Set any custom Order Action Rules for specific exception management requirements.

Configure your Ideal Order Preferences

Set up your profit objectives, sales channel and fulfillment SLAs, and default reporting preferences.

Leading brands are optimizing their shipping costs.

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