Sales Channel Optimization

Dynamically manage all your listings across all your sales channels.

Just the way it should be.

Every D2C sales channel integrated and in-sync with your inventory and product listings.

Add channels. Add listings. Add revenue.

The Etail D2C Operations Control Tower makes it easy to optimize your existing sales channels. And add new ones. With Etail, you can automatically publish listing updates to every sales channel in the format each channel requires. Create location-specific pricing or delivery promotions based on regional inventory.

More products in front of more customers adds up to one thing, more revenue.

Sell everywhere your customers are buying.

Our D2C Ops Control Tower makes it easy to add and manage new marketplaces, retail sites, dropship vendor accounts and branded storefronts. It comes integration-ready with nearly every sales channel and supports API, EDI, flat file and other formats making it easy to add new ones.

Deliver real-time listing content across every sales channel, automatically.

The centralized PIM (product information management) system inside the D2C Ops Control Tower automatically formats and updates listing content across all sales channels, suppliers and other systems of record. Now you can automatically publish listings and other data in the format required by each sales channel and automatically—in real-time—update listing content, visibility and pricing based on inventory availability and cost.

Put all your products online.

Customers want access to all your products, sizes, colors and options. Get more exposure for your products by offering retail drop shipping, supporting customer DSV programs and online endless aisle experiences with our advanced drop ship automation tools.

Fast sales channel integration.

Our extensive integrations means no more expensive and lengthy efforts to add sales channels.

Inventory-driven listing content.

Automatically update listing visibility, content, and pricing based on regional inventory capability.

One place to manage content.

Manage all product and listing content from one place, map your content and automate publishing to all your sales channels in the format each channel requires.

More of what the Etail D2C Operations Control Tower can do to optimize inventory across your sales channels:

Add new sales channels.

Gain access to dozens of pre-integrated sales channels including all major marketplaces, specialty and niche channels, 1P retailer sites, shopping cart platforms and international channels.

Support Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) channels.

Support retail drop ship vendor (DSV) programs or locations through retail and wholesale drop shipping.

Create a single source of truth for product attributes.

Streamline listing management by controlling inventory at the master SKU level and product data at the listing level.

Automatically adjust listings.

Automatically adjust inventory published in listings across all channels as products are sold or inventory is replenished.

Centralize listing management.

Automatically publish new listings or updates to sales channels in the format each channel requires.

Utilize third-party content tools.

Integrate with rich ecommerce content tools like Etilize and UPCitemdb or fitment tools like Fuse5.

Offer nearly unlimited item variations.

​​Offer almost unlimited product variations such as color and size while publishing to a single landing page or listing.

Optimize delivery with inventory-aware listings.

Modify listings shown to shoppers based on regional inventory. Offer 1-2 day shipping only where profitable.

Automatically set pricing.

Automatically set pricing shown to marketplace shoppers based on total cost – including cost of fulfillment.

Support multi-currency pricing.

Deploy multi-currency and measurement unit conversion for international channels.

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