Network Inventory Optimization

360 degree inventory visibility to create extraordinary ROI.

Just the way it should be.

Complete inventory visibility across every warehouse, distribution center, 3PL, retail outlet and distribution partner.

Beyond just inventory management.

There’s a lot of cash tied up in your inventory. The Etail D2C Operations Control Tower has complete visibility to all your inventory — no matter where it’s located or how it’s packaged. Now you have the power to quickly fill inventory gaps, add new inventory locations or fulfillment options, forecast demand, and improve your inventory yield. That’s complete network inventory management.

Get more inventory agile.

Manage all your inventory as a single, integrated, automated network under your control. Need to cut shipping expenses or plug 1-2 day delivery gaps? We make it easy to add new inventory locations and fulfillment options like 3PLs or other fulfillment partners.

Eliminate unprofitable orders.

Drive real-time listing visibility, content, pricing and promotional offers based on your regional inventory and fulfillment costs. Never take an order you can’t profitably deliver. Our D2C Ops Control Tower gives you unprecedented flexibility to optimize every order and eliminate unprofitable ones from ever being offered.

Improve by-location inventory forecasting.

Our powerful analytics tools help you drive more accurate inventory forecasts at every location, no matter how your products are identified, packaged or merchandised. Our D2C Ops Control Tower uses real-time market signals from sales and order data to create replenishment strategies to maximize inventory yield and reduce out-of-stocks.

Real time inventory visibility.

Get full visibility to your inventory and total cost of fulfillment by stocking location. Wherever it may be: your warehouses and DCs, 3PLs, FBA, in channel, at retail outlets and more.

Inventory-driven listing content & promotions.

Drive promotions and product visibilibility to your shoppers based on by-location inventory levels and fulfillment costs.

Inventory ROI.

Get the visibility, analytics, and agility to improve your inventory ROI, no matter where it’s located or managed.

More of what the Etail D2C Operations Control Tower can do for your inventory optimization:

See and manage your entire inventory network.

Manage all your inventory at all locations including your facilities, 3PLs and retail locations as a single, centralized network.

See all your inventory, all on one platform.

See inventory sold and remaining at the SKU level across sales channels, in multiple warehouses and all fulfillment locations including FBA and 3PLs, and in-transit.

Improve inventory accuracy.

Streamline inventory and units of measure with a single master SKU to ensure inventory accuracy across all channels no matter how the products are packaged, merchandised or bundled.

Works with the systems used by your accounts, suppliers and partners.

The D2C Ops Control Tower provides inventory visibility across multiple systems of record and works with the WMS and ERP systems already in place at trading partners such as suppliers or 3PLs.

Control available inventory for each channel.

Automatically delist when items are unavailable and relist when inventory is replenished.

Create kits and bundles.

Merchandise products as kits, bundles, multipacks or in subscription programs while keeping accurate track of component inventory.

Manage third-party inventory.

​​Manage inventory at Amazon FBA, Walmart WFS and other marketplace fulfillment options as part of your overall fulfillment strategy.

Optimize inventory at each location.

Fine tune forecasting with location-specific velocity data, demand planning tools and dynamic stocking level recommendations with replenishment advice.

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