Our 100% optimized guarantee.

Every order.

Optimized across every

‍Or we make up the difference.

Here's why we can do that.

We are so confident in our order optimization capabilities that we can literally promise you that every D2C order will be optimized, based on the rules you establish for the order.

We're so confident, we'll pay the difference on any order that doesn't meet that 100% order optimization bar.

Do you have that level of confidence today, that every order is optimized? If not, you need the Etail Control Tower, to layer over all your current systems and provide 100% tracking and order optimization control.

Every order matters

Every order you take, you may be leaking margin. The lowest-cost fulfillment path wasn’t taken. A shipment wasn’t recartonized to lower shipping costs. And that shipment that required human intervention to route correctly? Yes. There too.

If these were one-offs, you wouldn’t worry about it–you probably shouldn’t worry about it. But a little off every order and the cost of unoptimized orders adds up. 

That’s why we build the Etail Control Tower, to give you 100% assurance that every order is optimized, every time. And that’s why we’re offering this 100% order optimization guarantee

The fine(ish) print… Here’s how it works.

As with any guarantee, there are a few limitations.

Etail’s Control Tower gives you the ability to select how you want to optimize an order, including speed of delivery. So, our guarantee applies only to those orders that have been assigned the “lowest delivered cost within the required delivery timeframe” option, which is most common for order optimization.

There are a couple of other minor fine points about how to file a claim and all that. But the essence is that we confidently stand behind our promise to optimize every D2C order.

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