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Retail locations, dark stores and other local and micro-fulfillment options provide the vital link to last mile delivery

Millions of dollars of inventory sits in your store locations. Make that inventory work harder for you by tapping into it for ecommerce fulfillment.

With Etail, you have 360° visibility to all your inventory – including retail locations, dark stores or other micro-fulfillment options. Take an ecommerce order from any channel, then automatically route that order to stores for pick pack and ship by a retail associate or reserve the inventory for customer pickup.

Store-based fulfillment is one of the fastest growing trends in ecommerce and a proven option for competing with Amazon and other marketplaces. Plus it leads to huge reductions in fulfillment and shipping costs. Get started today with Etail.

Etail retail & micro-fulfillment at a glance

Leverage inventory, grow sales, improve margins and shrink delivery times by using your stores and retail associates as part of your ecommerce fulfillment strategy.

Etail supports Ship-from-Store, In-Store Pick-Up, Ship-to-Store, Dropship-to-Store and other last mile delivery options.

Explore other options for localized fulfillment such as dark stores, micro-fulfillment centers and local 3PLs. Etail supports them all.

Unleash your in-store inventory

Take advantage of three strategic, and already paid for, assets: your store location, your instore inventory and your store personnel.

Etail offers the technology and tools to rapidly improve your retail pick-up, click and collect, delivery time and customer experience at scale.

Drive your ecommerce growth with cost-effective, rapid local pickup and delivery.

Fulfill demand with hyper-local
delivery options

Fulfill local online demand with hyper-local fulfillment options.

Placing fulfillment options closer to customers improves order delivery speed and accuracy, helps address shifting consumer demand, and reduces shipping costs and delivery time.

Whether your hyper-local fulfillment strategy includes dark stores, micro-fulfillment centers or 3PLs, Etail provides the technology to power profitable, same-day ecommerce at scale.

Optimize fulfillment across all your ecommerce channels

Chances are that retail and micro-fulfillment are just parts of your larger fulfillment strategy. Etail helps retailers optimize order routing to minimize shipping costs for online and pick-up orders across all your fulfillment options.

Etail’s distributed order management (DOM) technology optimizes orders from all your ecommerce channels and automatically routes them to the lowest cost source of inventory for fulfilment that meets customer delivery requirements.

Plus DOM from Etail networks your entire ecommerce sales and supply ecosystem – including retail and local fulfillment locations — so you can coordinate, optimize and control them from a single centralized platform.


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