Power Tools for Power Sellers: Visit Etail at eBay Open

ebay open

Ebay Open is the premier event for eBay sellers and Etail is proud to be an Elite Sponsor for the sold-out event. If you’re planning to attend, look for us at Booth 311 – or if you are an elite top seller attending the Top Seller Summit, stop by our table.
Learn more about our exclusive, powerful tools for eBay sellers – especially designed for volume sellers and members of the eBay Large Merchant Services (LMS) program.

The eBay Large Merchant Services (LMS) program was especially designed to meet the needs of high volume eBay sellers who manage large volumes of inventory and orders on eBay.The program relies on three unique APIs which differ from eBay’s usual Trading API. But implementing LMS often requires sellers to have the budget, resources and technical development skills to integrate the APIs into a supply chain management platform. Through our partnership with eBay, Etail offers out-of-the-box integration with LMS through the Etail platform.

The result? Several of our Etail customers manage two million eBay listings across multiple accounts and process thousands of orders a day. And it all can be automated, integrated and connected.
Etail puts the power – and profitability – of eBay’s Large Merchant Services program within your reach. But you don’t have to be a member of LMS. Our powerful eBay management tools are available to any Etail customer using eBay.

Here are some exclusive eBay tools available on the Etail platform:

eBay Automation
Use Etail to create listings by publishing through HTML templates or by connecting to existing eBay listings. Etail then manages listing, delisting and relisting; publishing updated quantities; and the full life-cycle of order fulfillment.

Dynamic eBay Pricing
Set the prices based on configurable attributes including product cost, shipping costs and mark-up preferences. If your costs change, Etail automatically updates your listing price. Etail also maintains price parity with Amazon and other marketplaces.

Multi-Fulfillment Support
Fulfill using drop shipping, just-in-time cross docking, 3PLs, Amazon or your own warehouses – all from a single, integrated platform.

Smart Order Routing
Use machine intelligence to automatically find the best supplier and fulfillment method for every line item on every order.

Out-of-Stock Control
Automatically hide out-of-stock listings and show them again when you’ve restocked. No need to relist. Plus you retain your sales ranking, reviews, item ID and marketing efforts.

Automated Inventory Control
List all inventory or just enough to reach your eBay selling limit. Leverage your FBA inventory by listing it on eBay.

Real-Time Inventory Publishing
Automatically and dynamically update published inventory on eBay and across all channels as you buy and sell.

Listing Status Control
Automatically delist unsold items, wait for whatever period you set, then relist. eBay loves “new” listings. Avoid stale listings and constantly refresh unsold items.

Business Policy Management
Link to your eBay business policies to automatically add them to listings.

Manage Multiple Accounts
Manage multiple eBay accounts. Use Etail’s suppression control function to prevent listing the same product on more than one account – a violation of eBay policy.

eBay Catalog Match
Automatically search eBay’s catalog by UPC or ISBN to uncover high quality photos, item description and specifications. Add your own content and publish.

Suggested Category Finder
Automatically get suggested eBay categories and product types. Because Etail finds both the category and product type, you only need to enter your unique information. Etail is integrated with eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Wish and dozens of other marketplaces, shopping carts and ecommerce sites. Expand your business using one, fully integrated platform with exclusive, powerful automation and growth tools.


Come by and visit us at the eBay open to learn more or click here to pre-book a meeting.